Holiday Gifts for Home Lovers

We’ve combined a list of gift ideas for the home lovers on your list. We may have a few of these items on our own list!


Home Body by Johanna Gaines… need we say more?

Homebody Sweatshirt from ProperTee… the homebody on your list will love to cozy up on the couch wearing this cozy sweatshirt. Did we mention they are unisex?


100 Movies Scratch Off Poster by Uncommon Goods. What’s better than a movie at home on the couch? How many classics can you scratch off the list?

Letterfolk Letter Board. This square board will add some fun to your home lovers home. Make sure you gift it with your own quirky message!


Sage Essential Oil Diffuser. Choosing a neutral diffuser for your home lovers house will allow them to work it into any space. Be sure to include some of your favourite essential oils too!

Custom Door Mat from JS Letter Co. Personalize your own message or choose a pre-made mat! That way, when you walk into your home lovers home, you’ll be greeted with a mat you chose!

Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 7.35.45 PM.png

Jillian Harris x ETSY Holiday Collection Charcuterie Board. A board that you can pile with delicious cheeses, meats, breads, olives, and spreads… is there anything better?

Charleston & Harlow Candles. What homebody doesn’t love burning a candle while cuddling up on the couch? These are also great gifts for your holiday hosts!


Monogram Mug. The homebody on your list can fill this cup with coffee, tea, or a spiked hot chocolate!

Coupe Champagne Glasses. Santa, we promise we’ve been good all year! To us, these scream Gatsby. Bubble drinking will never be the same!


Housewarming Gifts for New Home Owners

It might be our age or the people we are friends with, but if they’re not living with their parents or finally moving out on their own, a lot of our friends and family members are starting to move into their first homes. Now, let us be the first ones to tell you, the best housewarming gift you can give to a new homeowner is to help them move. We were so thankful for our friends and family who helped us move into our house! New homeowners, trust us, take all of the hands and help you can. Repay with pizza and beer and you’re good to go!

With all of this moving, it got us thinking about little gifts to give your friends and family when they finally settle in. One tradition is for new homeowners to throw a housewarming party. Often times, you want to bring a gift that is useful and can be appreciated in the new home. You may wonder which gifts are the most useful and appropriate for new homeowners. Think of a housewarming present as a lesser wedding present — that is, you're giving something your friend will be using in their new home, but you shouldn't be shelling out the big bucks. Choosing what to buy can also be a bit of a challenge, because you don't want to impose on their already-chosen decor, but you do want to add something special — no matter how minor — to their new abode. So, whether the recipient is moving out on their own for the first time or simply choosing a change of scenery, we’ve rounded up ten of our favourite items that may help spark an idea for a housewarming gift. Or heck, you can just buy it for yourself to warm your own house!

Coasters. Need we say more? Do you know how much liquid can stain wood!?

Gift Cards. When we moved into our house, we received a Home Depot Gift Card and let us tell you, it was one of the most valuable gifts we received. In that first week, we didn’t realize how much we would be running back and forth from Home Depot or any other box store. We needed rakes, shovels, hoses, you name it! The beauty of a gift card is that they can be used for just about anything and often don’t expire.


Houseplants. Plants brighten up every space. Even if the new home owner wasn't blessed with a green thumb, anybody can grow indoor house plants. Popular, hard-to-kill plants include a spider plant, peace lily, snake plant, philodendron, or rubber tree. These types of plants are inexpensive, so you might also want to buy a decorative plant holder!

A fun household game. A fun card game like Cards Against Humanity is perfect for anyone looking to have friends or guests over to their place. 


Doormat. New home owners will be able to show their guests just how happy they are to see them with a bold doormat. 

Personal Assistant. If you want to go tech, this is the gift to get. The home speaker syncs up to the new homeowners Spotify account and it can also tell them the weather, read audiobooks, sync up with other smart devices and more. 


Essential Oil Diffuser. Made to cover large spaces, aromatherapy diffusers will mist their home with the scent of their choice. Unlike a candle, this gift can be used over and over again!

New-Home Survival Kit. Moving into a new home can be stressful, put together a survival kit care package with quality cleaning products, how-to books, first-aid kit and a gift card to a décor or home improvement store. 

Hostess/Host Set. Put together a party-hosting set with cheese knives, small plates, wine glasses, bottle toppers, a serving tray and a nice bottle of bubbly. 

Nice, Ugly Things- Bathroom Edition

You’ve moved into your first home and have now realized you have to buy the little, ugly things for your bathroom, and they are totally cramping your design style. We have had people ask us about the “horrible” but necessary things that people often do not want to display. I’d like to say we don’t have “horrible” or “ugly” looking items; however, the truth is… everyone has these items. What are we talking about? The dreaded toilet brushes, the bathroom trash cans, and soap dispensers. We need them but we are here to tell you these items do not have to be ugly!

I don’t know about you, but we keep a toilet brush right in our bathroom. Some people opt to keep plungers and toilet brushes in a cleaning supply cupboard or even in the garage. I personally could not fathom carrying a toilet brush in and out of the house every time I have to clean! So if you’d like a good looking version of your unmentionable items… keep reading!

First, let’s start with toilet brushes. While looking for affordable options, I was taken aback by toilet brushes that were over $200. Two hundred dollars for a toilet brush? I think not. So, here is our top 5, affordable, yet attractive toilet brushes!

Toilet Brushes-Blog.jpg

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Next, we’ve got our top picks for bathroom trash cans. Remember, we aren’t trying to break the bank on these items, just add a little design flare to the uglies!

Garbage Cans-Blog.jpg

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Last, we have soap pumps. I personally love a nice looking branded soap pump so I will include some of those along with refillable soap pumps.

Branded Soap Pump-Blog.jpg

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Upgrading the Boob Light

Boob lights... you know the ones. No?...Only us? They come in all shapes and sizes and are NOT okay! People tend to resort to the boob light because they are inexpensive. We are here to tell you, there are so many beautiful flush mount and semi flush mount light fixtures that can drastically change your room. 

Boob Light.png

When we moved in to our home, a lot of the light fixtures were already upgraded (thank god). However, we found that by updating a light fixture that was more modern and our taste- as well as inexpensive- really changed the style and feeling of the room. 

We have linked some of our affordable favourites for you guys to shop! 

Upgrading the Boob Light.jpg

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